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The Next Step Towards Final Designation As Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology


The Science & Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security has issued certification that validates the RBC Shield® Tiles as a method whereby homeowners, businesses, schools, command centers, and government offices can easily and economically retrofit existing spaces and create a shelter-in-place. Once inside the protected space, occupants are safe from the hazards of radiological, biological, and chemical threats caused by terrorist acts or industrial accidents.

Test results submitted to DHS conclusively demonstrated the radiological, biological and chemical protective capabilities of the RBC Shield® Tiles when installed on a test shelter. After an extensive review of the structure of the tiles, the method of application, and the test results from seven independent testing laboratories, DHS issued RBC Shield, LLC a Certificate of Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation.

DHS now requires that RBC Shield, LLC test the capabilities of consumers or trained installers to build shelters on their own using instruction manuals or training provided by RBC Shield, LLC. This testing must be completed and validated before the RBC Shield® Tiles can obtain final DHS designation as a Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology.

Funding is urgently needed to manufacture the tiles needed to complete the last phase of testing. This is the last hurdle before mass production of the RBC Shield Tiles can commence and this vital technology can be made available in the United States and to worldwide markets, such as Japan, the European Union, Russia, the Middle East, etc.

Within the U.S. alone, the extent of the market is extraordinary. Consider the following:

    • 166 million people live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant
    • 123 million people reside near chemical plants that store more than threshold amounts of hazardous chemicals
    • 48 million people are located in cities identified by Homeland Security as most at risk for a terrorist attack

Further details of the U.S. and worldwide populations at risk for accidents involving nuclear materials, dirty bombs, chemical plant accidents/attacks, or biological accidents/attacks can be viewed by selecting the links in this paragraph. If only 5 percent of these target markets were obtained, the profits would be in the billions of dollars.

RBC Shield, LLC is seeking partners NOW to make this vital protective technology available as soon as possible—to finally empower individual citizens and their governments to easily, effectively and affordably respond to and recover from incidents involving radiological, biological and chemical threats.

The Complete WMD Protection Solution: RBC Shield® Tiles