RBC Shield, LLC

"The Complete WMD Protection Solution"


The Company

RBC Shield, LLC is a multi-member, Massachusetts Limited Liability Corporation that was formally organized on January 1, 2006. It was initially formed as a research and development corporation for the purpose of designing and developing the prototypes of the patented R-B-C (Radiological, Biological, Chemical) protective tiles. In July of 2007, the company's services were re-directed to provide services as a licensor of intellectual property and consultant on radiological, chemical and biological risks.

The Inventor

Jim RodgersJim Rodgers started his security career in 1958 when he joined the U.S. Air Force. During his 20 years of military service, he worked in law enforcement and corrections, as well as providing security for foreign and domestic air bases, nuclear weapons storage facilities and missile sites. While in the Air Force, he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Police Administration and his Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, both from Michigan State University. After leaving the military, he served as a security manager for a multi-state financial institution, and the Director of Security for a Fortune 500 company that provided nationwide ATM servicing. He subsequently joined an international risk mitigation firm and provided security consulting services to international insurers, armored car companies, financial institutions, high-tech manufacturing companies, gold mines, the entertainment and casino industries, pharmaceutical manufacturers, universities, legal firms, and many more. He started his own security consulting firm, @Risk Solutions, in 2006 and then retired from this firm in 2017. He is also a retired Certified Fraud Examiner and is Certified in Homeland Security, Level III.