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RBC Shield, LLC has created a Proprietary Area in this website which, through different types of media (text, graphics, presentations, animations), explains the RBC Shield® patent and related construction concepts more thoroughly than the publicly accessible areas. Due to the nature of the material available, it is viewable only via a unique password that is given once a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) is completed.

  1. Those companies that have demonstrable worldwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities necessary to produce the patent's laminated tiles.
  2. Companies that have similar production capabilities, but currentlymanufacture and distribute only in the U.S, but have the capability to expand globally.
  3. In some instances, an NDA may be provided to individuals who can convincingly show that they have the networking or partnering capabilities to develop the required manufacturing, distribution and marketing capabilities.
  4. Consultants might be eligible to receive an NDA provided they are working with a company of the type specified in 1-3 above.

In rare cases, an individual might be provided an NDA and access to the password protected area. However, such access would be contingent upon the individual providing adequate justification to RBC Shield, LLC.

In the case of consultants or individuals, we believe that the information available in the non-protected area of the website is normally adequate for referrals to other individuals with a more direct and relevant need for the information.

This questionnaire is intended for us to help determine your eligibility to receive access to the all information contained in RBC Shield's website.


RBC Shield, LLC is committed to protecting your private information. All the information collected by us in this questionnaire will be treated as strictly private. It is for evaluation purposes only. You will not receive unrequested marketing or sales information and your information will not be distributed or sold. You will not be put on a mailing list, and your private information will not be available anywhere on the web.


There are three methods of submitting this questionnaire:

  1. Print out the PDF (here) and fax the completed document.
  2. Print out the form from your browser (here) and snail mail it.
  3. Fill out the form online (here) and press "submit" to send it automatically (we receive it via email).


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Your questionnaire will be reviewed within three working days of receipt. You will be notified via e-mail when we've received it, as well as when a decision has been made as to your qualifications for receiving an NDA. If you've any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail (contact information is in the left sidebar of this webpage).

... and thank you very much for your time and interest in RBC Shield's® unique patented tiles. We look forward to hearing from you!