RBC Shield, LLC

"The Complete WMD Protection Solution"



Unlike any other shelter-in-place method, the RBC Shield® patented tiles provide a homeowner, company, military site, first responder command post, school, day care, government building, or similar location, the capability to construct a "shelter-in-place" enclave that is protected from the lethal or debilitating effects of a radiological, biological, or chemical incident.

The RBC Shield® patented tiles are able to do this by incorporating the following features:

  • The tiles have layers of lead sandwiched between the offset top and bottom halves, thereby providing protection from radiation caused by a nuclear power plant accident, a "dirty bomb," or other radiological event.
  • The patented design ensures a consistent level of protective lead.
  • The radiation protection levels can be adjusted at the time of manufacture by specifying the thickness of the lead that is sandwiched between the top and bottom halves of the tile. Locations close to nuclear power plants or likely targets of "dirty bombs" might want increased protection.
  • Other unique features ensure:
    • The tile will also provide protection from chemical and biological hazards
    • Corners and wall/ceiling seams remain sealed against all radiological, biological and chemical risks
    • Ceilings can be protected as well as the walls through a specially designed tile-suspension method

Other Features:

  • Tiles can be quickly installed through the use of "peel-off" adhesive backing or Velcro.
  • Once properly installed, the construction of the tiles renders the lead inaccessible.
  • The tiles can be painted to match room decor, or they can be covered with standard sheetrock, plywood, wainscoting or similar construction materials (that doesn't use nails or screws, e.g., construction adhesive).
  • When properly installed with the available filtered air supply, the shelter meets the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers standards for a Class III Protective Shelter.