RBC Shield, LLC

"The Complete WMD Protection Solution"


This PowerPoint presentation summarizes many of the key points made on the RBC Shield,LLC website. It is most useful as an introduction to the principle features of the RBC Shield,LLC patent and the RBC Shield® tiles. The presentation will highlight the major findings regarding the following:
  • The world-wide risks for radiological, biological, and chemical accidents or terrorist-caused incidents.
  • The potential for biological pathogens to be released accidently or deliberately against major population centers world-wide.
  • The vast and rapidly expanding risk of accidents at chemical plants and daily dangers from HAZMAT rail shipments.

The details of the construction and composition of the RBCShield® tiles will be presented in 3-D graphics and in animation, along with animated views of how the tiles are sealed. This part of the presentation will enable the viewer to understand the unique features of the RBC Shield® tiles and how they ensure a radiological, biological and chemical safe shelter-in-place.

A brief summary of the problems that exist with current shelter-in-place solutions will be presented along with a discussion of how those problems are solved with the RBC Shield® tiles.

Also available in the presentation are summaries of the potential markets, e.g., estimates of those populations that are exposed to one or more of the risks that the RBC Shield® tiles are designed to protect.