RBC Shield, LLC

"The Complete WMD Protection Solution"



Two versions of the 20 Minute RBCShield PowerPoint Presentation are provided. Although all the material therein, including animations and SWFs are available in the Proprietary Area. Assuming that not everyone has PowerPoint (and possible problematic issues linking to QTs and Flash files), it was decided to provide a QT version (neat transitions and efficient linking), and an Html version (less eye candy, no transitions, fewer (if any) complications for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms/browsers).

HTML Version: [link]

MAC OS X & WINDOWS: the HTML version works best with Javascript set on (preferences), allowing pop-ups, and using Tabs rather than new windows. Some users might need to "right-click" on the icon and select "open link in a new window" because of their settings/preferences. Others (especially Explorer users) might find that "open in a New Tab" when executing linking to the HTML version is mandatory. When exiting an animated drawing or QT pup-up, you may need to exit the pop-up by using the Back Button. Again, people browse with a variety of settings and we can't account for them all.

Zipped QuickTime Version (11mb): [link to download ]:

MAC OX X TECH NOTES: the QuickTime is should be viewed as a standalone (independent of your Browser). This is essentially built-in on Macs and shouldn't be a problem. There are imbedded URLs (webpage addresses) in the QuickTime that will boot up your default Browser for viewing webpage-embedded SWF (Flash) and QT animations. All the animations and interactive SWFs are all available via HTML in the Proprietary Area (using appropriate menu selections).

1) Depending upon your OS X version, the capability to "unzip" is usually built in... if not, here's a fine free little utility that will unZIP files for you.

2) When the QT Presentation opens, you can either "click" in the middle of the slides to advance or use the "back and forward" arrows in the lower right of on slides. The "chapter" links at the bottom are disabled.

WINDOWS TECH NOTES: you need to have downloaded the free Windows QT Player (here) which, when installed, should deal with any Browser plug-in issues. In the event you can't "unZIP" files, here's a free Windows utility you can download from here.

1) During unzipping, there might be two instances where "OPEN" option must be selected to view the presentation.

2) When the QT Presentation opens, you can either "click" in the middle of the slides to advance or use the "back and forward" arrows in the lower right of on slides.

3) When SWF or QT animation webpages are opened, the QT Presentation might be "minimalized." Consequently, when the animations are closed, the user reverts to the web page & then must RESTORE the QT Presentation to continue. If you need to restore, and have restored, the Presentation continues from where you left off.

4) when closing QT animation webpages, the user can do so using "CLOSE WINDOW" or the "X" button.

5) When closing SWF animations, the user must close the animation by using the "X." Please disregard the "Browser Back Button to return" text suggestion.

Finally, if you have any difficulties, please contact the webmaster (address below) and he'll be glad to help you via phone or e-mail.