RBC Shield, LLC

"The Complete WMD Protection Solution"


Radiation, toxic chemicals, and biological pathogens do the most damage and affect the greatest numbers of people when they form a persistent cloud and are wind-driven. In such a scenario, the toxic cloud settles over and on buildings and accumulates. Taller buildings will, however, provide layers of protection from the toxic cloud and lessen the need of ceiling protection for shelters that are located on lower levels. But single-story homes, stores, schools, offices and similar structures are much more vulnerable to penetration of persistent toxins through the ceilings.

Without added protection, the ceilings present opportunities for radiological, biological, or chemical hazards to penetrate a shelter-in-place. The RBC Shield, LLC Patent addresses this issue by incorporating a specially designed ceiling mount for the ceiling tiles. Utilization of this ceiling tile mounting system enables the ceiling and wall tiles to be fully integrated with the lead-lined, self-adhesive molding, thereby providing a fully shielded shelter-in-place.

  • Go to the RBC Shield, LLC Interactive Patent Diagram #9 (cut-away cross-sectional view of alternate mounting arrangement). This diagram shows a "hook & loop" fastening system for mounting tiles to a wall. The same principle is used to attach tiles to a ceiling mount.
  • Go to RBC Shield's interactive diagram of "Ceiling Protection" components & assemblage.
  • Show the 3-D animation of assembling the ceiling tiles, attachment to the ceiling mount, and sealing of the tiles.
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