RBC Shield, LLC

"The Complete WMD Protection Solution"


Without added protection, the corners and the edges where walls, floors and ceilings join each other present opportunities for radiological, biological, or chemical hazards to penetrate a shelter-in-place. The RBC Shield, LLC Patent Diagrams address this issue by providing lead-lined, self-adhesive molding that can be easily and quickly installed and then sealed with standard household caulking to ensure the same level of protection as the RBC Shield® tiles.

  • For those who are accustomed to viewing engineering drawings, GO TO the Interactive RBC Patent Diagrams #5 (enlarged portion of intersection of two walls and ceiling with corner strips/panels), and #6 (exploded view of the corner strips), or
  • Show the 3-D animation of the patented, protective corner molding system being assembled.
  • Show the 3-D animation of the molding, panels, and caulking assembly for a ceiling corner.

TECH NOTE: be sure that Javascript and PopUp Windows are enabled for your browser. Some of the animations might take a couple of minutes to download. You should be able to see the "movie controller" when successfully accessing the an animation. If not, you can get the QuickTime plug-in for Windows and Mac OS here.