RBC Shield, LLC

"The Complete WMD Protection Solution"


The panels are the basic building block of the R-B-C shelter-in-place (SIP). They form the protective layer for the walls, the ceiling, and even the floor if warranted by the location.

The structure and composition of the tiles enable them to be custom made with more or less radiation shielding, depending upon the user's assessment of the risk.

This same structure and composition also permit larger tiles to be easily manufactured for the professional builder who will appreciate the reduced fabrication and installation costs associated with using larger tiles.

The beveled edges of the tiles enable them to be easily sealed by the user or builder to ensure that biological and chemical agents can't penetrate the shelter.

And with permanent or removal tile mounting systems, the user has the option of taking the tiles when they go!

To see how the tiles protective components are put together and how they provide their Radiological, Biological and Chemical shielding:

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